?Get that Body Moving?

I love that so many people want to get involved with exercise, fitness classes and personal training sessions with the most common goal being ‘weight loss’ and that they want to ‘tone up’ a phrase used many a time. But what about health gain???

Too many people stand on the scales and measure progress with a pointless number they see on the scales. This isn’t an accurate way of progressing.

However many of us actually forget about the ‘HEALTH gain’ we receive when exercising regularly. Getting moving more often can help us just as much mentally and physically. It helps your mindset, something I feel is so important. This could be something as simple as getting out for a walk or having a gentle stretch not necessary a fitness class or personal training session.

Exercise regularly can help so many health factors. Including ….

⭐️ Confidence
⭐️ Mindset
⭐️ Improved Energy
⭐️ Happiness/Improved Mood?? see below these lovely ladies after two great sessions.

Just because the number on the scales doesn’t change doesn’t mean other things aren’t improving… FACT⭐️

If you are wanting to get moving but unsure on your next move, get in touch. 🙂

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