Top Ten Tips to staying committed with your fitness and well being journey. ✅

1) Pick an activity that you enjoy:??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

If you choose to do something, be it a particular exercise class, going outside for a run or walk, going for a swim, it is vitally important that you make sure it is something you enjoy to do. We are much more likely to stick at it, and continue over a period of time, if we enjoy the activity and look forward to taking part each time.

2) Set goals:✏️?

Setting goals is a fundamental tool in any fitness journey, whatever the ultimate end goal you must set smaller, achievable goals in order to get there. A daily goal, to a weekly goal, to a monthly goal.. each is a stepping stone to that end target! A goal doesn’t have to be something huge either, it can be something simple such as walking up a hill, running just a little bit further or eventually losing 5 inches off your hips. Having the plan in place will help you in the long term.

3) Mix it up:??‍♀️??‍♀️

Mix up your workouts and your activities. At Fit District we ALWAYS change the workouts every week and each session. This is so your muscles never just get used to the same old routine. Get out walking over the weekend, try a new class you might not have taken part in! Alongside making sure it’s something you enjoy, there might be something out there that you’re missing out on because you always stick to the same thing!

4) Workout at a time that suits you:⏰??

Everybody is different and each person has different preferences for all aspects in life, the same goes for the time of day that best suits you for working out. Decide on a time that suits you best and stick to it, then you know your plan for the week rather than deciding on the day and then using the excuse ‘I don’t have time’..

5) Workout with friends or people who have a similar interest to that activity:???

Going to a class/activity with friends or people who have similar interests can be uplifting and welcoming. Join a new class with a friend and go together. Meet some friends on a weekend for a walk/cycle/jog. Whatever it is can really contribute to us working together!!

6) Schedule your week:?✏️

Any day in the week can be BUSY, we all live hectic lives! At the weekend why not try picking up a diary or a notepad and plan the week ahead. Make time for exercise, make time to get outside and stick to it! You’ll soon get into a structured routine and feel much better for doing so!

7) Join a class or a schedule a session every week you can stick to to be pushed by a coach/instructor:???

Sometimes working alone can be demotivating and we can get lost in what to actually do! We don’t push ourselves. Join a class or join a new class. Schedule a personal one on one session every week you know you’ll get to. Having a Personal Trainer with you or a Instructor every step of the way can help you progress and reach your goals!

8) Keep a food diary:??

Making sure that you are aware of what you’re putting in your body is sometimes just as important as what you actually put in. If you keep a log of what you eat and when, it makes you more conscious and also makes it easier to start making small changes here and there. Have a treat every now and then, everything in moderation.

9) Have fun:??

Enjoy what your body can do and the different ways it can move! After all, exercise is a celebration of what we can do, not a punishment for what we can’t do! Have fun exercising with friends and other like-minded people.

10) Have a positive mind and patience:??

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same goes for your goals. Everything you want to achieve isn’t going to happen overnight, results take time and it may take patience to get there but with the right support anything is possible. Celebrating small achievements along the journey and maintaining a positive outlook is so important!